work life balance

A picture paints a thousand words.

The work life balance of these dancers. There is joy in these photos, maybe it is the joy and pride emanating from the ballerina takes in pumping out in the open. This photographer explores the balance of work and family life, the joy that is embedded in capturing the challenges of motherhood and fatherhood. As the mother works, the father works as well. Caring for the child, putting her to bed, while the mother performs.

work life balance

This photographer captures the modern challenges of working mothers and stay at home fathers.

Here we have a stunning photograph of a dancer practicing with her baby on the piano. I hope this photographer continues this project of exploring the working mother. There are so many portraits of this. A professor happily holding a new mother’s baby while he lectures.



Ballerina working while caring for her 6 week old.


A female professor and new mother who holds her office hours while taking care of her baby. This does speak also to our lack of affordable child care, but it also speaks to the ingenious strength of the family unit.  As the mother ramps up to work, the father ramps up to parenting as a stay at home dad. We see the colleague breastfeeding while pressing reply to a business email on her phone or mothers who decided to run their own businesses for the work/life balance.

We are creative, strong, intelligent, ambitious and loving.It is an interesting snapshot in time. We have all of these opportunities, and all of these forks in the road. Where do our passions weave into one another and where do they collide?


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