What is Postpartum Anxiety?What is Postpartum Anxiety? Actress Sursok shares her experience with Postpartum Anxiety In an article in the Huffington Post, the writer explains how “For six months, Sursok credited her feelings to hormones, sleep deprivation and the life changes she made after becoming a mom. She felt as though she couldn’t ask for help because she feared her words would be “misconstrued” and turned into clickbait. She also didn’t want to be seen as weak. ”

Postpartum Anxiety is often hidden in the fear of being judged and under diagnosed.  In this eloquent article, the actress of Pretty Little Liars, speaks of her experience with anxiety. How she felt paralyzed to take medication and how essentially she forged her path to healing.  Healing has many paths.  In the article, she explains how she received medicine and then decided to leave the medication behind and use the route of nutrition, meditation and exercise to climb out of her anxiety. This is one path of many. For many of my clients, medication has been incredibly helpful and for others, they have chose another route, talk therapy and exercise, or talk therapy and meditation, or talk therapy and medication. There are many avenues to your sense of fulfillment and health.

The importance is listening to your intuition.  All healing is self healing and we need the support of others in order to heal. They are our catalysts. You can not be your own dentist.

I am really impressed with Sursok. She shares the shame and the intrapsychic paralysis she experienced during her bout of anxiety initially and how she navigated her way thru the illness. Thank you for sharing your experience with the work Tammin. We appreciate it!