Though I normally do not watch Fox News, I believe their coverage of the recent murders of a husband and child due to postpartum psychosis is strong.

Postpartum psychosis is a rare illness, it is not postpartum depression.  Postpartum depression is an agitated over-worrying state where the mother or father clings to the baby and has a difficult time trusting others to care for the baby. Postpartum psychosis leads to homicide or and suicide.

The coverage also emphasizes what the the warning signs can be.

I also would like to include a history of thyroid disorders, and a history of psychosis can also trigger postpartum psychosis.  “The warning signs: a family history of postpartum depression, a family history of anxiety or depression, poor social support, a person who is controlling or a perfectionist. Women usually do not ask for help, which is why it is so important that family members see the warning signs and intervene.”

Click here for the coverage of this mother’s postpartum psychosis, an awful tragic rare story that tends to be highly publicized muting other perinatal disorders, but is also important.

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