A new field is emerging, holistic psychiatry.  Basically this is the idea that there is no mind and body split.

The Depression Cure Concept

Depression CureDr. Ilardi believes in a 6 step program to heal depression. I have worked with clients individually with this program and it is simple and effective.  Dr. Ilardi analyzed cultures around the world, and came to the understanding that in hunter gatherer societies there is little to no depression.  Why do we have such a high rate of depression? Well, our bodies have not caught up with the times.  So he reintroduce what we lost.

Depression Cure in Dr. Ilardi’s 6 Step Program

Llardi’s research states that even if you follow a few of these steps, and not all of them you will feel better.

  1.  Fish Oil: Fish oil is tricky, you do not want to take an excessive amount of fish oil. It is not like an antidepressant where you up the dosage, this can hurt your body.  Dr. Ilardi recommend that for EPA, “the best supported daily dosage, used across a number of different studies, is 1000 to 2000 milligrams (mg) of EPA per day.” (p. 76).  It is less expensive to get the liquid fish oil, and then I think this adds up to a couple of teaspoons. Ignore the DHA, and just read the EPA. A great brand that I love is Barlean’s Organic Fish Oil.
  2. Engaged Activity: This one is interesting, I have a client who recently came in depressed. And he has a very dull job. When I analyze how to cure a person’s depression, we are analyzing what feeds the loop of depression, and boredom can really hurt your psyche. I experienced my first depression in 7th grade. It was the first time I was truly bored in school, I went from an academically challenging and engaging private school to an awful public school and I was bored to tears.  There is a reason why bored to tears in a cliche…   If you can find an activity that truly engages your heart and soul, and better yet, your body also, then you can kill two birds with one stone: step number 2 and 3…
  3. Exercise: This tends to intimidate people, actually three times a week of a brisk thirty minute walk with help alleviate depression very well.  You do not implement this step right away or it can be demoralizing, but after a couple of weeks of vitamin intake would you do this one.
  4. Sunlight Exposure: The correct sunlight exposure can really help insomnia. I recommend any lightbox with 10,000 LUX.  We are rarely aware of how little we actually receive sunlight in comparison to our ancestral brothers and sisters.   I recommend the morningness and eveningness questionnaire.
  5. Social Support: This one is really hard.  Try AA meetings, (fight club style) or look into Meetup Groups or having a kid or a dog also works. Dogs are amazing, because there is an entire sub culture of dog lovers and dogs are truly wonderful for social support.
  6.  Sleep: Sleep patterns will be cured with sunlight exposure and exercise.  You should get 8 hours of sleep a day, whether that is 4 hours and 2 hours up and then another 4 hours, or 6 hours and then a 2 hour nap.  8 hours is the ideal amount of sleep.  Look into sleep hygiene, ie. no iphone in the bed, and low lights for the last two hours of your day.


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