The best Postpartum care is in Russia! Yes, Russia. Having a baby is a big transition and a significant change to the mother, the father and everybody in the family. Ironically enough, most countries neglect or ignore the significance of this event and focus only on the clinical aspects associated with delivery.

Russia has a very effective monitoring system that has been in action since the days of the Soviet Union.

Their system would pay close attention and collect data related to all pregnant women. This is in order to provide them with the essential clinical and psychological care before, during and after the delivery. This concept is not widely spread across the world. Most countries implement a health system that would take care of the mother and the baby before and during delivery. After the mother is sent home, there will be no attention given to her or to the newborn except with regards to vaccination and baby clinics. There is no kind of education or emotional support given to the families that are dealing with having a baby although sometimes the transition can be overwhelming.

The Russian system employs specially trained health care givers who would actually help the mother and the child at home for the first month or two after delivery where the mother needs all the help she could get in dealing with her newborn and in setting a system for her new life.

Then the mother and the child will be cared for in clinics over the next year. The system focuses on postpartum support that many countries, including Canada is not so strong on. This support involves paying attention to the emotional and psychological needs of the parents who are still taking their first steps into the world of parenthood and is meant to help them through the transition. The psychological attention given can have a great effect on the parents’ emotional adjustment.


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