Suicide, why people kill themselvesSuicide, why people kill themselves. People say how selfish it is for a person to kill themselves, especially a mother. The other day was the death anniversary of a mother who jumped out of a building with her baby strapped to her. The baby survived, she did not.

According to this article, this intelligent woman wrote a suicide note castigating herself as a bad mother.  When someone is suicidal, they are slightly psychotic.  In the psychotic state the firmly believe the people around them would be better off without them and that they are doing them a favor.  That is one reason why people kill themselves.  That is why we diagnose mothers who want to kill themselves as having postpartum psychosis.  As this mother outlined in the article, an intelligent lawyer, honestly thought her baby has cerebral palsy and thought she was a terrible mother. Luckily the very healthy baby survived.

So this boils down to a very important piece, with depression, what we feel is not always what is.  It is just what we are feeling in that moment.  In actuality, suicide is devastating for family members.  The person who commits suicide may simply be in too much pain, and should alway have that option to kill themselves.  But we can teach ourselves and others, what we feel is not always what is.  There are chapters in our lives that will feel dark and hazy and then there are chapters that will be lighter and more fun.  Things change, we never step in the same river twice.  And it is a cliche for a reason.  Because it is true.

For many people, they live for years with suicidal thoughts. It is not the rapid shift of hormones that we see with many new moms, but a pervasive stain on their thought patterns.  This can and does change with treatment.  It is most important, to not normalize those thoughts.  Do not judge them, be curious as to why you feel these thoughts, what they are expressing in a blunt more aggressive way?