Is Placenta Encapsulation SafeIs it safe to consume the placenta?

As consuming placentas (via placenta encapsulation) becomes more and more popular, we are receiving more and more attention regarding the big question: Is placenta encapsulation safe?  Controversy abounds: In this NY Times article, a mother paints the picture of her moodiness caused by her eating her placenta. In this Guardian article, Eating your Placenta, is it healthy or just weird?  The (hilarious) author, Oga, writes:

According to one cookbook on the subject, you can mix your raw placenta with yoghurt and fruit in a blender and make a smoothie. Or add it to ground beef in a lasagna recipe. Or make chocolate truffles out of it. Dice it, slice it, sauté it with onions, dehydrate it and grind it up – it seems there’s no wrong way to eat placenta.

Though a hilarious quote, this is very serious: is consuming your placenta safe?

Some people swear by it, some people think it is a placebo. Recently, there has been a incidence of serious illness connected to placenta consumption. Here is an  article covering the controversy, and another.

Please read this article that replies regarding this issue in depth. It is well written and truly addresses the issues while validating the concerns. If you choose to invest in the reported health benefits of placenta consumption, please ensure you hire an experienced placenta encapsulator who safely prepares your placenta.  Qualified placenta encapsulators are highly trained to ensure that the placenta is prepared correctly, they are certified in handling blood born pathogens who follow federal and state food handling guidelines and preferably hold a state food handling certification or license.

In other words, many women throughout the centuries have eaten their placenta for a reason. If you want to for the health benefits outlined in the Web MD article below.

In WebMd’s story covering the practice of eating your own placenta, they outlined the health benefits of placenta eating. which includes:

People who support eating the placenta say that it can raise your energy and breast milk quantity. They also say it can level off your hormones, lowering your chances of postpartum depression and insomnia.

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