Postpartum sex, as elusive as the Lockness Monster…?

We give birth, we have a child and two becomes three and sex walks out the door, as we breast feed and run to the market for more diapers.


After waiting the 6 week period after the baby is born and then getting the green light from your Ob, you may still not be in the mood. That’s okay.

We can wait for that mood to come in… maybe. Your best bet is to the behavioral approach. Try it out and then as you are doing it, you may feel… wonderful. Sounds pollyanish I know.

Sex has many spiritual, physical and emotional benefits. Things you can do to get back into the groove.

1. Lubricate: get K-Y jelly and remember now that your body knows pregnancy. You are actually like a pre heated oven and it’s quite easy to get pregnant again. Ask any mother with Irish twins. In other words, use protection. Don’t get lazy and grab some random cream that may weaken the condom, use KY jelly.

2.  Deliberate relaxation: a glass of wine or a massage from your partner.

3. Warm up: foreplay is needed..

4. Position Properly: tell him or her where it hurts. Be direct and loving.

5. Kegel exercises, squeeze as though you have to pee for 10 seconds and then release, and then 20 and then release. Build that floor back.   In France, the government pays for a physical therapist to come to your home and teach you this. Why? Because your body is important and that pelvic floor needs be re strengthened. If anything, so when you sneeze you don’t pee. Sexy, eh?


No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor.
Betty Friedan