Placenta EncapsulationPlacenta Encapsulation is basically eating your placenta in pill form.

Wait, what is placenta encapsulation? So when you give birth, you do that extra push of about 5 pounds of muck, I mean placenta, and it is exceptionally nutritious.

The afterbirth, you want me to eat it? Yes, but why you might ask. As outlined in the link below…

Women who eat their placenta report the following benefits:

• Decrease in Baby Blues
• Reduced risk of Postpartum Depression
• Mood enhancement
• Increased energy
• Reduced recovery time after birth
• Replenishes and restores hemoglobin from blood loss during birth
• Increased milk supply
• Hormone balancing
• Lochia (postpartum bleeding) decreased amount and duration

Please go to this link, to learn how to hire an excellent Placenta encapsulation specialist.

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