Perinatal care for Postpartum HealthPerinatal care in Moldova. We give them an A plus!

Perinatal care for postpartum health, perinatal care emphasizes on preventative health care that involves general and regular checkups. These check ups are meant to detect serious and potential health problems before they happen or at an early stage. The early detection of these problems makes them easier to be treated before they manifest, spread and have a serious adverse effect.

Moldova understood the concept and importance of perinatal care They realized that is not just a social necessity but also an economic one.

Moldova looked for a way to invest its limited resources to achieve the best benefits and chose to reform and fix the health care system.

The early detection of different health problems with pregnant women will allow doctors to prescribe the right medication and course of treatment before the disease or the health problem become so prominent and would have a positive effect the postpartum quality of life. The system pays equal attention to the clinical and emotional aspects of the health of pregnant women and their babies, before and after delivery.

The country administered a total reform to the health care system by improving the kind of education provided to all people involved in the health care industry from doctors of different practices, to nurses and midwives who help in detecting and dealing with the early symptoms of dangerous health conditions.

They also invested in family centered care that didn’t just offer medical care, but also emotional and psychological care that would address family related emotional and psychological problems. The reform in Moldova went as far as training and hiring certified psychiatrists and psychologists at every maternity hospital after realizing the importance of the emotional support that needs to be given to families that are expecting babies. These special psychiatrists and psychologists are specifically trained to deal with the psychological and emotional needs of pregnant women and even the staff dealing with them. This health care model sets an example for other countries.

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