advice for going back to workIt can sometimes be a very difficult decision on whether a new mother should or shouldn’t go back to work. When there is a financial necessity, or course, the decision is made. However, when a mother goes back to work because she enjoys work, she can often have feelings of guilt and shame surface, as well as face negative emotions from others. At postpartum project, we support what is in the best interest of any mother.

Below is a list of things to do when forced back to work.

  1. Take naps in the bathroom.

    No one is going to get mad at you for your 15-20 minute dump, so it may seem strange, but shut the door and go to the bathroom, i.e. take a little cap nap.  In this day and age, we have this entire idea of these huge open space offices. What a disaster. There is no time or place to take a nap, unless you work at one of these magical companies like Google that actually has a nap room, what?!  Yes, I agree, no fair.

  2.  Get Acupuncture

    If your eyes start to twitch, or if one of your eyes start to twitch due to exhaustion, go get acupuncture from a reputable resource. Every time I go to acupuncture, it is like a power nap times ten.  I can not adequately explain how rejuvenating it can be.

  3. Try to find time to work out three times a week.

    This one is tricky and may not be fair. As a single mother who commutes, this has dwindled a little bit, but every time I step into a spin class I leave a different person. Happier, more optimistic and a better parent. 45 minutes three times a week is my magic formula. Medicine is designed to give you enough energy to go and work out.   Exercise is an excellent anti-depressant. Especially, exercise where you sprint and work out really hard in intervals.

  4. Keep Date Nights

    Maintaining intimate adult relationships, especially the one with your child’s parent, your spouse, is the healthiest thing you can do for your child, for yourself and for your spouse.

  5.  When exhausted, have a good cry.

    After a good cry, we all just feel better. According to researcher, Bergman, in his article the Miracle of Tears, researchers concluded that chemicals built up by the body during stress were removed by tears,  crying actually lowered stress.