Healthy moms. How to let go of perfection? And that drive for perfection?  What does perfection mean to you? Ultimately it is an illusion generated by media and airbrushing.

Let go of at least one thing at a time.

Ideas that lead to healthy mamas:

  1. Give up: Folding Laundry
  2. Give up: Putting away the dishes perfectly in the dish washer. Just shove them in.
  3. Start grocery shopping online
  4. Yoga Nidra app   This is not meditation. Meditation is the new bad word, but it is also exhausting and tedious to think about and boring. This is yoga for the lazy. You literally lie down for 10 minutes and listen to this guy’s voice tell you to relax one body part at a time, and then at the end you breathe and then you are done.


One of the markers that can lead to postpartum depression or anxiety is the overwhelming drive to perfection for many mothers and fathers.

The key out of the perfection box is simple, you let go of one thing that needs to be done perfectly for sanity’s sake and you invest in one short cut, a cleaning person once a week? If you can afford it, fantastic.  Shopping online with instacart or fresh direct, definitely.

It is taking the all or nothing approach away and teaching one self to take in the shades of gray. Anxiety at a 10? Take a few notches down to a 4 or a 5.