Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure new mothers and fathers can access the support and help they need via our online database of postpartum specialists, events, and information. As a whole, Postpartum Project’s goal is to build a strong community for new parents, to reduce the high rate of postpartum depression and anxiety, to help moms heal from birth trauma (PTSD), and to provide education and resources encompassing everything that has to do with the care of a baby.

Our Vision

We want moms to enjoy motherhood, and their babies to have the best start in life as possible. We want dads to be empowered on their new role and enjoy fatherhood. People thrive in communities that empower, support and teach. Our vision is a world where parents are supported and empowered as they enter this life changing event. A world where they are given everything they need to love, care, and nurture their babies, so their families can thrive.

It takes a village, and we are that village. Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience, and one that we believe moms and dads can’t do successfully in isolation.

The Postpartum Project focuses on wellness and solutions, vs. problems and depression. New parents may be afraid to admit that they have a problem with depression, or even really understand they are suffering from depression. Many people don’t connect ‘baby blues’ with clinical depression. The Postpartum Project aims to reach new parents with a positive message. Ideally help is preventative, but can also be easily found when help is needed from a trusted and high quality source.