The largest  study to date shows that as many as 1 in every 7 women suffers postpartum depression. The study speaks to a need for change.  So, we have decided to launch the Postpartum Project. With every therapist who joins, we are one step closer to ensuring women are less vulnerable to postpartum depression.

In tribal cultures, depression is basically unheard of according to Dr. Ilardi, the writer of The Depression Cure, part of this is because they are never alone. In order to decrease the vulnerability to postpartum depression, what I am encouraging is home wellness visits, an opportunity for a new moms and dads to have the experience of a therapist or midwife visiting and simply checking in.  “How is everything? How are you all doing?”  We are simply too isolated. I know it is more complex then that. Yet, at our core, we all need one another.  It takes 12 loving caring people to raise one child. Most of us are not in that boat (of having 12 people around). It doesn’t mean we can not do the whole rearing-a-happy-wonderful-kid thing. Though, it does mean we need to reach out for support, however and whenever we can.