Prevent Postpartum DepressionLet’s talk about the classic portrait of Postpartum depression, postpartum depression for the Stay at Home mom.

There was an article recently titled:  Why Didn’t Anyone Warn Me About Stay-at-Home Mom Depression?  

I liked the title -I think the title hits you like a powerful punch on the head regarding the shock many women encounter as they  struggle with postpartum depression as a stay at home moms. Think The Hours when the wife lies in her bed and fills the room flooding. The author illustrates beautifully the overwhelm that one feels during a bout of serious depression.  As Sheryl Sandberg wrote in Lean In, there are two demographics that usually feel the lull to the stay at home mother world, the ultra wealthy or the very poor.

The middle class usually can not afford this option and the very poor as well, but the stay at home mother who has the ultra successful husband tends to fall into this awful middle zone, where they are educated ambitious and then end up looping around the same cul-de-sac in their minds: The I have the choice to be at home with my kids, we make too much money already, I will be at home with my kids, and why is this so exhausting.

Postpartum Depression for the stay at home mom is the most difficult hurdle.

There is too much stigma and too much isolation for both being a stay at home mother an for having postpartum depression. The way to break free of this isolation is to start seriously talking about it and seriously treating it.  Being a stay at home mom is incredibly hard work, you never get a break, or a boss to tell you to go home now, or a pay check.

It is also incredibly rewarding, but unfortunately our cultural narrative does not give these people, stay at home moms or dads much weight to their intelligence and ambition the day they stated: I am going to stay home and take care of my family. It is a life altering powerful moment, and can be changed as well at anytime, but if there was no stigma to it, if it were seen as a sign of intelligence to stay at home, I wonder if more people would take this route and if the people who did would feel more secure and excited and supported in doing so, and therefore less depressed and isolated.

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