Integrated Postpartum CareThere is no question that paying the right medical attention to any patient is probably the most important factor.

South Africa offers an integrated postpartum care system. Meaning they ensure all professionals work in concert with one another to meet the needs of the mother… The failure to deliver such a fast and high quality medical service can result in serious adverse effects and can even lead to death.  But in most cases, medical students and health care providers forget about the emotional and psychological aspect of taking care of the patient and focus only on the clinical aspect.

This is something that South African Medical Schools paid increasing attention to. South Africa accordingly decided to train their students to be able to deliver this kind of care and attention.

For example, if a pregnant woman came with a serious health problem.  Doctors and the nurses would do their best to deliver the best health care and the utmost attention to see how she is and if the baby is still alive and in good condition. But they would totally ignore or neglect the fact that all this time, the woman and her family are probably worried sick and just need someone to talk to them.

Most of the time, we’ve seen doctors running across hallways to save lives but the patients and their families just felt neglected because nobody talked to them or explained to them what was going on.

Sometimes, this task was left to the nurse or the midwife although they are not the primary health care providers in this scenario. By the same token, South Africa also worked so hard to combine all the people involved with the care associated with child, birth and parenthood as an effective system. A system that will provide the needed psychological and clinical care. This involved everybody from doctors, psychologists, midwives, nurses and social workers, as well as, those involved in the legal aspects in one single professional body. This cross disciplinary body managed to put women and families as the center of attention and care to overcome the neglect given to the emotional aspect of treatments. This cross disciplinary body is similar to what we are doing here at the Postpartum Project.