Homeopathic medicine for new mothersHomeopathic medicine for new mothers.

Questions and answers to the mystery of what homeopathic medicine is and why it is so effective.

Q:  What is homeopathic medicine?
A:  Homeopathic medicine is about 200 years old. It was discovered in Germany by a medical doctor named Samuel Hahneman.

Q:  How does this form of medicine differ from supplements and herbs?

A:  Homeopathic medicine is the use of little white pills that are dissolved under the tongue.  You may have noticed the little blue tubes in the health food store. Supplements and herbs are swallowed but homeopathic remedies are dissolved in the mouth.
Q:  Which remedies do you use for the postpartum period?
A:  There are literally hundreds of homeopathic remedies. Here are some herbs which are most commonly used for postpartum issues:
Naturum mur – common indications include depression, grief, sadness over a loss,  craving for salty foods.
Sepia – common indications include impatience, wants to be left alone, craving for sour foods.
Pulsatilla – tends to be crying,  craving for bread and butter, likes to be outdoors, or to have the windows open.
Sulphur – morose, constipation, skin outbreaks and eruptions, may emotionally blow up
Arsenicum alb – very tidy and detail oriented, may be very controlling with children and husband, “uptight”
These are just a few of the many homeopathic remedies, but with the right one, literally miracles will occur fairly quickly.
Dr. Randy Martin, OMD is a State License Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese medicine.  He accepts almost all insurance.  He has been in practice over 30 years and his specialty is women’s health and pediatrics.  He can be contacted via is website at www.drrandymartin.com or by email:  drrandymartin@gmail.com.
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