Find a Postpartum TherapistHow to find a postpartum therapist?

When faced the upheaval of a new baby, the joys and sleep deprivation can be truly rewarding, and sometime incredibly overwhelming. Trying to navigate therapist shopping can be daunting.  My recommendation: interview a therapist over the phone or in person.

Questions to ask a potential therapist.  What is your approach?  What is the structure for when therapy is over?  How do you see your clients change?

Things to observe, does the therapist encourage you to ask these questions, or does she or he seem nervous regarding these questions? Do you feel a warmth? Do you feel she or he is listening to you and asking you questions that allow you to open up but also provide you with sense of safety?

What is a therapist?

A therapist is a person who has received training to help treat mental or physical health problems. In the context of psychology, a therapist is a person who is trained and licensed to practice psychotherapy.

There are many avenues to healing.  There is yoga, nutritional consulting, etc.  I believe that therapy is invaluable, (but I am biased) For my clients, it is a place to be able to explore and navigate challenges in your life without being subsumed by them.

“It is a beautiful day, I think I will skip my meds and stir things up.”

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