Infertility and PostpartumInfertility and the postpartum period can be challenging.

All that work to have a baby and then you are hit with a wall of depression.

That is very difficult, mothers and fathers are laden with a lot of guilt for the experience of the depression.  The reminder of this blog is that it is irrelevant how difficult getting pregnant was, postpartum depression is postpartum depression.  Depression is not a character flaw, it is an illness, which brings usually a mixed state of heightened anxiety and numbness.

A new innovative app was launched called Fruitful Fertility.

We encourage you to click here to check it out. This brilliant app matches a couple dealing with infertility to a mentor who has dealt with infertility.  It is an excellent mentorship program, because only mothers and fathers who have experienced infertility fully understand how frustrating it is to try and try and try.

Fruitful Fertility writes:  Fear. Frustration. Financial stress. Each aspect of infertility sucks. But the worst part is feeling isolated; like no one understands what you’re going through. That’s why we created Fruitful. A free mentorship program where those beginning their fertility journey are matched with a supportive individual who’s experienced it firsthand.

We encourage any mother out there who has had fertility issues to sign up.

The other part of this is helping others is a great defense against depression, that and of course, seeing a therapist. And always remember: the postpartum period is one phase. My best friend hated the postpartum period and is one of the best moms I know.


Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Desmond Tutu