Supplements for Postpartum HealthCan you treat postpartum health issues with nutritional supplements?

Most postpartum issues are due to an imbalance.  We can determine which supplements to use based on blood, saliva, and urine testing.
Q: I’ve never had any problems before this. Why now?
A – Pregnancy and childbirth for some woman actually put their hormones into better balance than before.  But for some women, the whole process creates a major imbalance.  It depends on your health status from before the birth.  You may have had imbalances you were not aware of, that we call “sub-clinical”.
Q – What types of supplements do you use?
A – Most of the supplements are combinations of amino acids and minerals or vitamins.
Q – What are amino acids?
A – Amino acids are the building blocks in proteins.  These often get out of balance when hormones are stressed.
Q – What types of blood tests do you do?
A – I like to run a complete health panel to determine status of the thyroid, adrenal glands, and mineral levels.  The blood work will also show your cholesterol, kidney and liver function and state of your immune system.
Q – Why do I feel tired all the time?
A – This could be due to many factors, but we’ll get to the bottom of it by testing.  Often the blood results look fine, but the saliva and urine neurotransmitters results give us the answers we need.
Q – I don’t like taking a lot of pills.  Exactly what will be required?
A – We can easily tailor a program for you that will meet your needs and be easy to follow