Bright Light therapy is finally receiving the attention it deserves. A new randomized controlled study has highlighted the effectiveness of this intervention for the treatment of depression. The study was small, only 89 patients involved, but the results were incredible. The results were enhanced sleep, increased melatonin absorption, better moods and continued changes to the brain, i.e. alleviation of depression, after the conclusion of the treatment.  As quoted in the NY Times article, “The effect sizes we found in this study are comparable to those reported for antidepressants, so I think efficacy is of comparable magnitude,” Dr. Lieverse said in an e-mail.

The sun is so important for mental health.  I encourage you all to buy a sunlamp, any sun lamp works as long as there is 10,000 LUX.  Alongside the sun lamp, please take this five minute questionnaire to ensure you are using the sunlamp at the correct time. To read more about Bright Light therapy, please go to this link.