Birth, Postpartum and Maternity are often airbrushed in mainstream media. Airbrushing leads to false expectations of women themselves, and men, and  especially motherhood.

This year, CVS refused to airbrush their models in the beauty sections.

The beauty aisle (of CVS) should represent the “authenticity and diversity of the communities we serve,” Foulkes said. In these portraits of birth, postpartum and maternity I believe Birth Becomes Her, follows suit with CVS and celebrates the authenticity of motherhood..  Please click here for the contest winners, I encourage you to compare the stock photos we post on this blog to actual authentic non airbrushed (more expensive) yet stunning photos of the contest winners. Let’s move away from the one dimensional perfect baby and move  towards authentic joy and pain, to multi dimensional portraits of birth and motherhood. Why would we do this?.

Celebrity birth and mainstream media air brushes the mother and baby, similar to the photo here, leading to false expectations of motherhood and what a successful mother looks like.


In this beautiful series of photos. Huffington Post writes:

To celebrate this work, Birth Becomes Her, a birth photography blog and community, held a contest featuring real images focusing on aspects of early motherhood. The prompt invited photographers around the world to submit images they took in 2017 for the categories of labor, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and maternity.

A panel of judges selected three winners in each category and an overall winner out of a pool of nearly 1,000 submissions. More than 20,000 Birth Becomes Her followers voted for the people’s choice award winners.

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