what to do for a friend with a new baby, support for new mothersBeing a new mom is filled with anticipation and joy and love, and then there is this overwhelming need for other’s help. Half the time, I believe we women, have no idea that we need the help of our friends and family until it arrives.  This article is very sweet in outlining 10 ways to help new moms, I highly recommend it.  An eleventh way, is to hire a therapist to come in and do a wellness check

From the article… “When a friend has a new baby, it is common to say, “Just let me know if you need anything.” Then she says, “I will!” and the interaction comes to a close. Instead of this exercise in futility, I propose ten ways that you could really help, especially if you’ve had kids already yourself.

1. Run interference on her visiting family members.
Hovering mother-in-law? Drop by “coincidentally” and allow her to talk your ear off about her health issues and family gossip. The new mom’s toddler nieces and nephews? Make a fort with them in the backyard. Say repeatedly and loudly that you were just in the neighborhood and your friend had no idea you were going to drop in. (In reality, have a code. A good one is a text along these lines: “SOS. MIL.”)

2. Drop off some maternity clothes for the coming season.
It is likely that your friend won’t lose the baby weight by the start of the next season, yet she will be too embarrassed to purchase more elasticized pants. This is where you come in, you do-gooder, you.

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This article was written by Samantha Rodman PhD and published in the Huffington Post.

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